Sea or mountain, culture or history…. gastronomy. The Asturian West surprises the traveler with its contrasts and the sweeping force of its landscapes.

Picturesque fishing villages show us the majestic Cantabrian Sea. Immense meadows tint our route green, blending with soft mountains covered by ancient trees. From its summits, fantastic viewpoints show us steep cliffs that coexist with paradisiacal beaches. Winding streams of crystal clear water flow hard on the way to the sea giving life to nature.

Discover from Casa de Castro our Natural Paradise.

Connect with nature, gastronomy, culture and the magic of the place. Sharing good times in the company of your partner, family or friends WE PUT IT AT YOUR REACH!


Casa de Castro Hotel has a privileged location for activities both at sea and  rivers or in the mountains.

Outdoor activities have their ideal setting here and will challenge the most adventurous and risky spirits, as well as fill those who simply seek a sensory experience with pleasure.

We suggest a small selection of plans that you can enjoy.

  • La Frontera riding centre in Castropol: Go horseback riding and enjoy the most beautiful views of the mountain or, if you prefer, by the Eo river´s estuary and let yourself be seduced by the different aromas of our wonderful land.

  • Risk, adventure, vertical pleasure, combine different activities in a funny way: rock climbing, canoeing or kayaking, canyoning or rafting, and they also do a photographic report for you of this wonderful experience.

  • In Asturias, each path will lead you to a different dream. Nature is an inseparable part of our History.

    Mountain routes, coastal path, protected landscapes, natural monuments (Frexulfe beach, Andina Caves, Oneta Waterfalls), Oscos-Eo Biosphere reserve (Castropol, Taramundi, Santa Eulalia de Oscos, …), ascents (Peak of Holiday cottages Close to the beach (Jarrio, Cordal de Coaña).

    We propose it to you and you decide. Exciting routes that will help you feel Asturias and enjoy an unique environment in the world.

  • If you want to have an unforgettable experience, we put it at your fingertips in the Ribadeo estuary. Sail its waters and visit picturesque towns such as Figueras, Castropol, etc. by sea.

    You will be the captain and take the helm of the ship to your own. It is not necessary to have a nautical title, with your ID it is enough.

    Also for those who want to practice fishing from a boat, a sailing course or simply boating along the Eo estuary in Ribadeo, we provide everything you need for that purpose.

  • If you are passionate about our wonderful beaches, we have two activities for you to feel and interact with our Cantabrian Sea. On the one hand, there is the surf school at Peñarronda Beach. On the other, the Frejulfe beach Surf School.

  • And for golf lovers, the Cierro Grande Golf Club with 11 holes is five minutes by car from Casa de Castro.



Throughout our region you can find infinite places and beaches of extraordinary beauty and special charm.

Below we detail some of these best-known and closest places to our hotel.

  • Viavélez, Ortiguera and San Agustín Cape, Tapia de Casriego, Navia, Puerto de Vega, Castro de Coaña, Pico de Jarrio Lookout Point, Oneta Falls, Taramundi, Luarca, Cudillero, Ribadeo and Las Catedrales Beach, Silencio Beach , Grandas de Salime …

  • Peñarronda Beach, Serantes Beach, Tapia Beach, La Paloma Beach, Porcía Beach, Barco Beach, Arnelles Beach, Frexulfe Beach, Pormenande Beach, Navia Beach, Barayo Beach (Partial Nature Reserve)…



Traditional flavors, homemade products, fish from our Cantabrian Sea, cheeses from our valleys. The stoves in our kitchens are fed with the best products of the Region to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Market cuisine or more innovative proposals, they all have something special for you. In any of the establishments in our region you will enjoy a wonderful meal in good company. This is one of the pleasures that life gives us.

  • NAVIA: Sidrería La Magaya, Sidrería La Villa, Rte. El Galeón.

    LA CARIDAD: Rte. El Pozo de Güelita (Best Cachopo Asturias 2021)

    PUERTO DE VEGA:  Sidrería Jorge, Rte. Ca Victoriano, Rte. Regueiro,  La Cofradía, Rte. La Marina, Mesón El Centro.

    ORTIGUERA: Ferpel Gastronómico.

    TAPIA DE CASARIEGO: Rte. El Alamo, Sidrería La Cubierta, Rte. La Terraza, Parrilla El Náutico, Mesón El Pilón.

    RIBADEO: Rte. San Miguel, Rte. La Solana, Pulpería Mar de Rinlo, El Náutico.


    … and many others, contact us and we will inform you!

Take advantage of


Due to its privileged situation, close to the Coastal Path between Ortiguera and Viavélez, Casa de Castro is the ideal starting point to enjoy beautiful walks or to practice running, being able to enjoy incomparable views and with our Cantabrian Sea as a tireless companion of trip.

Our Coastal Path is perfectly signposted, with distances, points of interest, etc. We also have detailed information about this and other routes at the Hotel.

Your well-being is our objective and for this reason we will help you to enjoy  the wonderful landscapes of our region.

We take care of you


The CASA DE CASTRO Hotel, as a company committed to the environment, is aware of the need for its activities to be carried out with adequate respect for nature and to ensure that they are fully sustainable.

Among the most significant measures that we have promoted include:

* Compliance with environmental regulations in force at the level of Asturias and the EU.

* Implementation of sustainable development policies.

* Inform our clients and encourage their cooperation in preserving the environment.

* Minimize the consumption of natural resources.

* Adequate management of waste, atmospheric emissions, wastewater.

  • A pioneering measure, of which we are proud, is the incorporation of the Pino Pinaster forests owned by the Casa de Castro in the forest certification of  Asturias.

    Since 2008 we have set ourselves the objective of regenerating and conserving our forests. We currently have more than 50,000 trees of different ages, to which we dedicate part of our resources every year for their conservation and proper development.

    The forests of Casa de Castro reflect our commitment to the environment, and the contribution to the development of a more sustainable environment for future generations.